Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bafana Bafana!

Greetings from the Rainbow Nation! Ava, Salome and I arrived in Cape Town late Monday after a brief stopover in Johannesburg. We spent our first night in S.A. at a private home in a suburb of Joburg because our hostel was overbooked. The home was quite nice, with all the comforts but we were put off by the wall topped with electrified fencing that surrounded the place. Back to the airport the next morning for the short flight to Cape Town.

World Cup fever is all around, from the throngs of international fans decked out in their teams' colors to the banners and signs posted everywhere. Schools have closed for the entire month of the tournament so families can take part in the celebration.

We spent Tuesday afternoon at the V&A waterfront which is a lot like Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, with loads of shops, restaurants and street performers. Massive Table Mpuntain looming overhead reminds us we're not in California.

And if you think the vuvuzela horns are annoying on TV, they are ear-splitting in person. Thousands of South Africa fans watched on TVs and huge video screens as "the boys" beat France 2-1, but the jubilation was tempered when they were eliminated by the points differential with Mexico.

Today we will watch the U.S. team as it seeks to advance with a win over Algeria and Thursday we will experience Green Point stadium (which we can see from our apartment in the suburb of Milnerton) when we attend the match between Holland and Cameroon.

Pictures to come soon.

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    I felt bad that no one commented so here it goes!
    That sounds so cool... I wish i was there with you. It will be an experience of a lifetime. Are you going to any parks while your there?

    Salome the traveler!