Monday, July 9, 2012

Korcula, Croatia

We are now in Korcula, Croatia, an island off the coast.  We took a speedy catamaran ferry here from Split.  Our apartment is right in the middle of the tiny, but breathtaking old town, easy walking to everything.  Yesterday, we took a water taxi to nearby Badija island to swim and hike.  The water is a deep, turqoise blue, and deep green forests cover many of the islands.  Beaches are rocky, but the water is clear and warm, perfect for swimming.

At night, we've been cooking dinner in our apartment and eating on the small table outside our room, which is situated in a narrow passage way, next to a local restaurant.  As we ate, a group of local kids watched Kung Fu Panda on a laptop set up on a cardboard box.  The days are hot and sunny, but the nights pleasantly cool and breezy.

Here are a few photos from Split and Korcula.


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