Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sweating in Split

Hello from Split, Croatia, our first stop on the Dalmatian coast.  As it's been everywhere on our trip so far, the temperatures are very warm, in the 90s during the daytime, but luckily, for the first time, we have air-conditioning in our room!  We found a small apartment with a kitchenette, just a few steps from the historic town center, so we are enjoying the best of both worlds - strolling on Split's marble streets in the daytime, and huddling under our blankets in the blissfully chilly apartment at night.

We are just up the street from Diocletian's Palace, formerly the Roman emperor's summer residence.  Now, within its ancient stone walls are a mix of apartments, shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.  The streets are narrow, crooked, and it's pretty easy to get disoriented and lost, as we nearly did the first day.

Along one side of the palace is Split's picturesque harbor, where vessels ranging from small excursion boats to mammoth cruise ships are coming and going all day and night.  This afternoon, we will roll our bags down to the harbor and board a fast catamaran ferry for Korcula Island.  Then we will travel on to Dubrovnik, Croatia's crown jewel.

Rooms here are pricy because it is high season, we got a pretty good deal on our modern, clean apartment for 90 euro per night, or about $111.  Restaurant meals are more reasonable, each night we have dined on seafood and local meat specialties at mid-priced eateries for $40-$50 for the three of us, including beer and wine and appetizers.  A large draft beer can be found for as little as $2, and an ice cream cone costs 7 kuna, or just over $1.

All for now, here are a few pics.

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